Sunday, December 12, 2004

A wonderful dilemma

For the computer gaming industry the year 2004 has been one of sequels. But, luckily the most anticipated games have lived upto their expectations. There have been other games too, like Far Cry which have become very popular because of it's excellent graphics and open ended game play. With wonderful games like Half Life 2, Far Cry and Doom 3 being released in a short span of time, I'm sure this is one dilemma every gamer wants to face! That is exactly the situation I'm in. Three superb games to play+very little time to play = one wonderful dilemma. I've been trying though.

Half Life 2
Although the Steam content delivery system has it's quirks, Half Life 2 is amazing. The physics in this game is excellent and you have to see it to believe it.

Far Cry
The graphics in Far Cry are absolutely amazing. The best part is that it's not scripted like the other games. The environment is totally open ended and you don't have to approach the same situation in the same way every time. Huge maps make for enjoyable gameplay too. But, the one irritation is the lack of a quick save and quick load mechanism which would have made a world of difference. But still this is the game that I find myself playing more these days (yes, even more than Half Life 2).

Doom 3
I have a pretty high end system and still have to play Doom 3 in the 'medium' graphic detail setting. That's the kind of system requirememt this game has. Played a few levels, but the distraction from Far Cry and Half Life 2 was too much, mainly because I found Doom 3 to be very dark (literally). I'll definitely play it once I finish the other two games though.


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