Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Google is a wonderful search tool. But, by design like most other search engines it returns a list of thousands of websites ranked according to it's PageRank algorithm. Then, based on the search results, you have to select a link and go to that page to obtain the required information. Well, that's not always the best solution.

A new search service provided by may cater to a valuable niche. provides quick answers to search queries directly without expecting you to visit any external sites. It sources its replies from reputed online encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. This ensures that the information is reliable. If no information can be found, then offers to do a Google search for your query.

The best feature is '1-click answers', which opens the browser with answers related to a word that is clicked on, with the ALT key, in any application. For example, when browsing if you come across the name 'Gandhi' and would like to know more about him, all you have to do is press the ALT key and click on the word. A new browser window opens with a profile of Mohandas Gandhi. This feature requires the download of free software provided by

Simply put, an excellent add on to Google.

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