Saturday, January 15, 2005

Evolution v/s Intelligent design

Recently, Wired magazine featured an article about how the theory of evolution is under threat by a new theory called intelligent design. The argument made by the theory of intelligent design is that, modern biological life is far too complex to be explained by natural selection. There must have been an intelligent designer, who conceptualized all the complicated life forms we see around us, including human beings. Who was this designer? The supporters of intelligent design do not stick their neck out and say it’s God. That’s left to the creationists.

While creationism enters the realm of religion, intelligent design, though closely related to it, purports to be science, only to be classified as a pseudoscience by the supporters of the theory of evolution. This war, or rather crusade as Wired calls it, is being fought in the last place it should be, schools and classrooms. The debate is now to decide whether students should be exposed to both theories or not. Though this issue has reared it’s head in the United States now, it will eventually spill over to other countries where creationism has it’s share of supporters.

This controversial topic is now in the news again because of a ruling in the US against the placement of stickers in textbooks which said “Evolution is a theory, not a fact”.

When belief and religion enter the picture, the debate about any matter rages on for a long time, and I doubt if this issue will get resolved in the near future. But, some people I’ve met have kind of convinced me that we must have evolved from apes! So, for now I’ll stick with the theory of evolution.

Here is an excellent opinion on the sticker incident in the Seattle Times.

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