Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Google might become a verb all over again

Just when Skype is in the process of being identified by default with internet telephony, it looks like Google may ruin it for them. Speculation is that Google is planning to offer it’s own net based telephony service. The obvious connection with Google’s recent job posting looking for someone with experience in dealing with optic fibre that has been laid, but not in use, has already been made. While such a service makes sense from an advertising point of view for Google, where search results can have links to call centers of companies that can answer customer queries directly, I’m more interested in how they can integrate it with Gmail. It would be great if you could see an indication in the mail interface when the person whose mail you’re reading is online. One click and start talking. Considering the popularity of Gmail, I think a telephony service from Google will be equally successful. With broadband finally becoming a reality in India, we might soon be ‘Googling’ each other.

Also, looks like the Google browser rumours have started all over again. This time it’s because of the recruitment of Ben Goodger, lead programmer of Firefox.

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