Friday, January 28, 2005

Linkblog and Blogroll

I’ve created a linkblog on the online bookmarks manager (read that as delicious). It’s a simple system that allows the creation of a personal collection of links that you come across as you browse the web. Tagging of individual links makes searching much easier. It’s also interesting to see how many other people are adding the same links to their pages. So, I’ll just add links to my linkblog if I find them interesting. Instead of using the bookmarklet that provides to add the link, I’m using an excellent plugin for Maxthon, the browser I use. This is definitely better than mailing links to people, but in a kind of egoistic way, as people will have to come to my page to see the links now. But hey, it’s easier for me.

My linkblog is at

I also created a blogroll at Bloglines recently and have found it much more convenient to read all my favourite blogs compared to reading them off RSS feeds through my mail client. Though getting RSS feeds is what Bloglines does in a way, it’s all transparent to me. The biggest advantage is that I can access it from anywhere, as all it needs is a browser. Much easier to add new feeds too.

Blogroll is here –

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