Sunday, January 30, 2005

New age radio

Unbound Spiral has a how-to on creating a personal radio station using Skype. Really cool idea. It’s amazing how people are coming up with so many applications for Skype. It’s called the iPod radio, as an iPod is used as the source of the music in this case. But, as the how-to mentions, any device that can be connected to the line-in of a sound card can be used, a CD player, FM radio, anything. The only problem is that a separate sound card is needed to play music and talk on Skype simultaneously. Another problem is that an unlimited number of listeners cannot be supported, and the bandwidth required is an issue.

I think a more user and network friendly idea would be using a BitTorrent like system to do this, where all you have to do is select a playlist, create a .torrent file and seed it. If many users are listening in and everyone stores only the last few minutes of the broadcast and uploads it to whoever is joining in, a large number of users can be supported. This will definitely support better quality music too (in terms of bit rate only!). I wouldn’t be too surprised if software which enables this pops up in a few days…

Got to the Unbound Spiral through Conversations with Dina.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another good concept, is Peercast(, which involves bandwidth utilisation of people, and anyone can set up a radio station and broadcast. In short it is a P2P radio/TV broadacst n/w. Still in its infancy, but awesome. With good speeds here, I use it quite a bit.


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