Saturday, January 08, 2005

Remote control for the brain?

Brain scanAnother ‘brainy’ post.

BBC News reports that thieves have stolen the remote control of an implant which helps a woman sleep. Unfortunately for her, the implant is in her brain and helps to calm a condition she suffers from known as essential tremor.

BBC News - Thieves take brain remote control

Distressing though it is for the woman, I couldn’t help but imagine the other ‘applications’ a true remote control of the brain might have.

Imagine it’s the future….. and all humans have implants in their brains, to transmit data to their doctors, as part of an Orwellian society, whatever. Obviously, even in the future we’re going to have annoying, irritating misunderstood people around us who find it difficult to comprehend the concept of public etiquette, talking loudly on phones or some such thing. Enter a device like the TV-B-Gone, a product from some future hacker which would just switch someone, anyone actually, off. Of course, it might not be totally possible to enjoy the quiet, as you’ll need to run away from the scene of the crime(?).

Another far more serious use could be in prisons, to control the inmates. Insomniacs might love such a device too. I’ll stop before you’ll want to use one on me…..


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