Sunday, January 09, 2005

Workaround for attachment size limits

DroploadAlthough e-mail service providers give us huge mailboxes, there is still a limit on the size of attachments, 10 MB to be precise on the popular free services. But, if you take into account the encodings necessary for the safe transport of attachments, the size limit ends up being 60–70% of the allowed size.

Sometimes, there is a need to send much bigger files, like a bunch of photos, movies etc. Dropload and YouSendIt allow this. Both are very simple to use and all one has to do is upload the files onto their servers, and an e-mail is sent to the specified addresses with a link to the file from where it can be downloaded. Both services keep the file on their servers for a week only.

Dropload requires free registration and allows you to specify only one recipient at a time. Resending the uploaded file to another recipient will cost a dollar. Also, the file can be downloaded from the server only once. Maximum file size allowed is 100 MB, but upto 1GB per account is allowed at a time.

YouSendIt doesn’t have any such restrictions. It doesn’t even ask for your e-mail id and allows you to specify multiple addresses at a time. It has no file size limit but there is a ceiling of 1 GB. YouSendIt does not prevent the user from downloading the same file more than once. It actually encourages the use of download managers for resuming downloads. Everything considered YouSendIt is a better service, but, maybe only till it is royally abused.

Sending huge files just got a whole lot easier.

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