Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Small things to change the world

Scoble asks if small things can change the world and what those things could be. OK, I’ll take the bait. Considering the risk that it’s a thin line between things that could change the world and a boring list of feature requests, here are some small things I’d like to see from the companies/services I use –

Bloglines – There’s a ‘keep new’ feature in Bloglines that let’s me indicate which posts I want to read (again) later. These posts usually tend to be the ones that interest me and I think are worth reading in detail, or more than once too. Now, couldn’t there be a way in which Bloglines sees which posts I’m asking it to keep new, checks out the links in those posts, sees what the most popular tag for that link is on, and recommend similar posts? Make another feed for those recommendations and tell me who else is writing about and linking to stuff that interests me. All your users would then be exposed to many more blogs/sites on the net that they never knew existed, but would love to read. There already is a recommendation feature, based on the blogs I get the feeds for, but that isn’t too helpful. – Add a ‘keep private’ feature to the links I’m adding. How difficult can that be? And no, it’s not for what you’re thinking.

Microsoft – This isn’t exactly a small thing. But, it could be if Microsoft wanted. Buy out Maxthon. There, I said it. Realise that there are a large number of people who can secure their PC’s well, thank you very much, and haven’t switched to Firefox only because it lacks some of the functionality that browsers like Maxthon provide. You might be coming out with a Firefox killer of your own with Longhorn, but do you really expect people to wait for two or three years for a new browser. Unless you plan to release a new browser before then, I’m sure Firefox would have caught up and millions of other people like me would have already switched. I know I can just continue using Maxthon, but in your hands it would mean further innovation and a better browser.

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