Monday, March 07, 2005

Copernic's Desktop Search v1.5 Beta

Copernic recently released a beta version of their Desktop Search v1.5. The list of new features is pretty long. One new feature that really stands out for me is the button that allows jumping from one keyword occurrence to the next in the preview pane. This can be an extremely useful feature when searching through large documents. It’s great that Copernic is actively listening to its users and is implementing features that are being requested/demanded by them. One bug I noticed in this beta version is that the icons for PDF and HTML files are incorrectly displayed in the file list pane. But, mainly for the reasons I mentioned in my desktop search comparison, i.e the speed of the searches and excellent preview, I’ll be sticking to Yahoo! desktop search for the time being. I search through a lot of PDF’s and powerpoint presentations at work and the preview of PPT’s has still not improved in CDS, and it’s quite slow with large PDF’s. Copernic is coming out with feature packed updates more often than their competitors, and I just might be forced to switch when the next version comes out.

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