Thursday, March 10, 2005

Internet Explorer will finally get tabs

The Office Weblog points to a WinSuperSite preview of IE 7. Apparently, it’s confirmed that IE 7 is going to have tabs. Big news, but not unexpected. I can’t even imagine that Microsoft would release IE 7 without a  feature as critical as tabs, given that every competitor’s biggest selling point is the ability to browse with tabs. What would really be news is if IE 7 had an integrated RSS reader, something like Onfolio and not live bookmarks in Firefox. IE has a lot of catching up to do in terms of features and some which I feel *have* to be included are those like mouse gestures, a good bookmarking system, an intelligent password management system, ad blocking and basic ones like a search box. These are the bare minimum as other browsers are already there. Also, Microsoft specific features like better integration with Outlook can definitely be an advantage over the competition. I’m sure MS will look to tie in their own services like MSN Search with IE 7 and that is one area where other browsers will always have an upper hand, unlimited flexibility for the user. I really hope MS proves me wrong, but I seriously doubt it.

The IEBlog has more information, but nothing very specific.

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